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Student Transient Petition Form

John Carroll students who wish to take courses at another institution will ordinarily first consult with their advisor.  Then they must obtain written permission of the appropriate dean before enrolling elsewhere.  Course descriptions should be provided.  The student must request that a transcript be sent to the registrar at John Carroll.

Undergraduate Students
For divisional Core and/or special designations, syllabi may be required.  The permission, if given, will specify the terms under which credit will be transferred.   A grade of C or better is required for transfer of credit.  In such cases, only the credits are transferred; the grades received do not affect the student’s quality-point average at John Carroll. Note:  Students who intend to earn transient credit from a two-year institution (community colleges) may do so (after securing proper approvals) provided the sum of the credit hours earned and in progress at John Carroll and planned at the two-year institution does not exceed 64 semester hours. No more than two special designations (D, S, R, W) may be transferred in to fulfill Core requirements. The number of transfer credits awarded will be based on the conversion of the transfer institution's credit hour system to John Carroll's semester system .

Graduate Students
A grade of B (not B-) or better is required for transfer of courses. In such cases, only the credits are transferred; the grades received do not affect the studentís GPA at John Carroll. Graduate students may NOT obtain credit from a two-year institution. The maximum allowance for transfer will be the equivalence in semester hours of two comparable courses at John Carroll. Courses used to complete requirements for other degrees will not be accepted for transfer. Official transcripts are sent from the institution to the Graduate Studies Office in either the College of Arts and Sciences or the Boler School of Business.

NOTE: Please submit only one request per alternative academic institution.

Note: fields marked with an * are required.

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